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So I invite you to like that kind of Minds that see solutions where others see problems, the ones who know what’s important and what’s not, the Minds that never have enough. Dance with the clear Minds that hide something that won’t share with everyone, dance with those Minds that are like heroin.

Look for Minds that change the world because they’re designed to do so and don’t know how to do anything else, Minds that challenge you to make things better when things couldn’t be worse. Get closer to those Minds that are like gasoline waiting for someone to set them on fire. Because you’ll find out that that’s the kind of Mind you’ll never get tired of making love with, or whatever the thing is that people do these days.



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Hemp milk capuccino mornings here in Manhattan

So thing is we think we’ve built a great wall, stable and all that. And we only let in whoever we want, like come in or get out as we please. But then there’s this person that always comes and breaks all the walls, all the doors, the hallways, the windows, the fucking everything. Like a tornado. And you know the worst part? We will always love that tornado, and we’ll be waiting them forever to come again.

— Fashion Cheater